Much like a successful business; Scott James has built a brand synonymous with quality and growth. His consistent high-end performances and his continuous global influence make him one of the few up and coming DJs destined to have a long and successful career. Scott’s continuous growth has brought him to the international forefront and has entered him in the ranks of the world’s most elite dance music artists and DJs.

His most successful year to date has been 2013 where he made the cover of DJmag Canada, had over 8 releases on Beatport, had a #3 release on TrackitDown and played large festivals alongside acts like Tiesto.

Since discovering his passion in 2007, Scott James has gone from being a university house party DJ to climbing the ranks as one of Montreal’s elite acts. In 2009, one of the world’s best venues, Circus Afterhours, adopted Scott into its resident DJ roster. Since the adoption, Scott James rose to become one of the venues, top residents, getting the chance to play alongside hundreds of international acts and was quickly sought out to play some of Canada’s largest festivals such as Escapade in Ottawa and Black and Blue in Montreal.

Having proven what it takes behind the decks, Scott turned to production in late 2010 and has been developing at an enormous rate ever since. Now with over 10+ releases on Beatport and being signed to several labels around the world, Scott’s music is starting to spread and gain support from the industries major stars. His schedule is now filled with upcoming collaborations and contracts with one purpose in mind: deliver outstanding music and a strong brand to match.

Scott James’ resume continuously grows and every new achievement outdoing the last. From making songs to playing shows, to radio, each new endeavor exceeds the previous one. With such outstanding growth, if Scott James were a business venture, it would definitely be a company worth investing in.

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