Originally hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Rick Laplante’s involvement in the party scene began in London, ON in early 1992 as a partner of Prism Productions, a project committed to hosting intimate gatherings with good people, great vibes and fresh music. Unable to resist the siren song of the turntables for long, Rick began basement DJing later in 1992, with his first professional gig the following year.

His main musical influences came through London’s proximity to Detroit and Toronto, where frequent weekend visits to these cities exposed him to some of the most groundbreaking underground sounds heard in the world during the early 90’s. Rick has now been professionally DJing for almost 25 years.

Rick’s preferred club style is anything that can be described as groovy and/or bouncy tech-house, yet he also draws influence from his eclectic music collection, with flashes of myriad genres, ranging from techno to disco, breaks to jazz and from latin to lounge. He hasn’t forgotten his musical roots from running the Detroit-Toronto corridor for years, either… so you can always expect the unexpected while Rick blends several different auditory flavours into his Dj sets.

Rick has remained active in the local scene of our Nation’s Capital, promoting afterhours events in Ottawa for over 10 years (Sundaze/Sunrise) among several other grassroots house & techno community parties. ¬†Through his promotions company “Framework Music” he continues to champion the underground scene, still committed to hosting intimate gatherings with good people, great vibes and fresh music. ¬†Currently, his vision is realized through a partnership with Ottawa’s rising stars on the international stage, DJ/Producers Return of the Jaded, as they host the popular event series Sunday Sessions, a bi-weekly Sunday evening social gathering at Ottawa’s legendary Mercury Lounge, and monthly “White Rabbit” events, 11pm to 6am All Night Dance parties inside City At Night.

As well as promoting music, Rick regularly performs several out of town gigs each year, from Montreal to Toronto, from Boston to New York City and across north eastern North America. Rick now has his sights firmly set beyond Ottawa’s city limits by starting to delve into production work, with aspirations of launching his own label in coming years.

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