His love for electronic music was forged in the underground rave scene of Toronto in the late 1990’s. Beginning at the age of 16, he attended venues like Circus after-hours, the Warehouse (later becoming the Guvernment-Koolhuas complex), the infamous Comfort Zone, as dirty a place as the beats you’d hear inside and many other unoccupied factories and warehouses that were used for one-off parties. These memorable venues and many others all contributed to shaping his taste and style in electronic music, now more commonly referred to as tech-house.  Subtle lyrics layered with progressive build-ups delivering funk-heavy baseline drops are what become the driving force behind the positive vibes and exciting dance floor experiences you’ll find when he’s on the decks. The journey that brought him to where he is in life now is a long story, one that tells of trials and tribulations, morals and values, ambitions and motivation, founded in a desire to make proud the ones that loved and supported him.
He first began djing in 2004, he and his roommate bought some gear and they played for fun for many years. It wasn’t until 2015 that he played in public for the first time and he was well received! That motivated him to pursue his interest in djing. He began throwing some events under Loco Productions, which he co-owned with Ottawa’s tech-house veteran, Paulo Cardoso and that gave him the opportunity to perform live and further his network. This, in turn, led to another opportunity with a local club, NVY, where he co-hosted System Saturday’s and took up a DJ residency for a few months.

He’s shared the stage with CHUS+CEBALLOS, Sander Kleinenberg, Adrian Hour, Juliet Fox, Hatiras, Flipside, D-Unity, Deko-Ze, Uppercut, Scott James, Karvello Brothers, Atroxx, Jimmy Strip, Etienne Ozbourne, Pat No and many others!

Over the next few years, he’s expecting to expand his skills and fan base as he develop’s his network and work’s towards organizing bigger and better events! You can check his SoundCloud profile to hear individual tracks that he’s fond of or mixcloud to hear sets he’s recorded.

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