Raised in a family where loud music, parties and celebrating life was their white picket fence, The Karvello Brothers were introduced to house music and DJ culture at a very young age. It was then that their passions were ignited and it is no surprise that by 1999, Karv and Jr. Karv were on their way to becoming two of the biggest contenders in the house music scene in their hometown, Kingston, Ontario. Now, they are bringing their infectious house sounds to another level.

Their deep dedication to house music and DJ culture was the driving force behind The Karvello Brothers becoming event promoters. “In Kingston, house music wasn’t always so widely accepted. In order to hear the kind of music we wanted to hear, we had to throw our own events.” It wasn’t long before their innovative, trendsetting events made them two of the top promoters in Eastern Ontario. The brothers, along with local friends and artists have brought Kingston’s electronic music scene serious recognition with their various club nights and special events over the years. In 2002, The Karvello Brothers expanded their electronic music business by opening Kingston’s first and only online record store, selling vinyl mainly to get them cheaper for themselves and their friends. As the digital era took over and vinyl sales plummeted, they purchased some CDJs and never looked back.

As their parties and club nights grew in popularity, so did the reputation of The Karvello Brothers as DJ’s. Known for their hard pumping marathon sets, and a style that is the perfect mix of Karv’s technical genius and Jr. Karv’s beat mastery, it wasn’t long before they were bringing their sound to other places including Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Miami and their homeland of Portugal to name a few, sharing the bill with legendary industry leaders like Avicii, Sharam, Demi & Omid 16B, Victor Calderone, Alex Kenji, Tim Mason, The Stafford Brothers, Miss Honey Dijon, Chocolate Puma, Jerome Isma-Ae and Canadian major players Max Graham, Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Redroche & Dave Armstrong, Still Young, Autoerotique, Manzone & Strong, Deko-ze, The Junkies, Etienne Ozborne, Blond:Ish, Sydney Blu, Mark Oliver, Kenny Glasgow (Art Department), Eddy Jasmin, and many more.

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