Two people come together organically through music. There will either be great synergies or none at all. When Funk X Rish came to fruition, it was Tetris pieces coming together with a sound both reflective of their own individual personalities but also seamlessly cohesive, as if from one mind. Coming from producer backgrounds, Funk X Rish began in a bit of a happenstance sort of way. In deciding to collaborate on a track, the two realized how synchronized they were in their vision and decided to keep moving forward with the project. Funk with his darker techno sounds and Rish with his artistry lying in the more melodic, deep sounds. Together, the music they make is sexy, tapping into one’s more primitive side. This is all a recipe for a stage show and packed dancefloor, wherever Funk X Rish play. The two began performing and producing together and have received many accolades in a short time. Notably, Funk X Rish recently won the Circus Afterhours DJ contest, earlier in 2016 and are gearing up for a busy festival season in Toronto. Active DJs in the scene, their name is often seen on many a poster, from an Afterhours event to a beach party. Funk X Rish give back to their musical community and engage with their listeners and fans by having a monthly podcast called X Marks the Spot, showcasing up and coming talent and the artists Funk X Rish collaborate with. In addition, the two run Toronto-based label, Plus Minus Recordings, giving local and international artists a platform in which to release their music. By being Tastemakers in the scene, listeners and fans can count on a regular dose of terrific tech sounds. The busy duo has touring in their sites, getting back into the studio and continuing to make an impact in the Toronto and international scene. Through live performances, releases, their podcast and the label, it’s fair to say Funk X Rish is a name we’ll be seeing a lot of.

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